Professional TuTus Made to measure and specially imported from the best ballet costume makers in the world.
Designs are available in any colour, with or without headdress.

Pink Tutu A
Delicate pink Tutu
Gold trim with stones
Diamante hand made tiara

White Tutu A
TuTu 23.jpg (9956 bytes)

Tutu 23

TuTu 24.jpg (7862 bytes)

Tutu 24

TuTu 25.jpg (11022 bytes)

Tutu 25

TuTu 29.jpg (9486 bytes)

Tutu 29

TuTu 30.jpg (15509 bytes)

Tutu 30

TuTu 31.jpg (9076 bytes)

Tutu 31

TuTu 59.jpg (11531 bytes)

Tutu 59

TuTu 60.jpg (12736 bytes)

Tutu 60

Prices vary with design and size etc. A guide is 650.
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