Lycra Circular Skirt (Right)
Black, white, royal blue, purple, lilac, green, red, kingfisher, peony, pale pink, fluorescent pink, fluorescent green
Children's small   10.50
Childrens medium 11.95
Childrens Large 12.95
Childrens Extra Large 12.95
For these leotards see Leotards Page 1
Lycra Circular Skirt On Basque
Black, royal blue, sky blue
Children's small   11.95
Childrens medium 11.95
Childrens Large 12.95
For this leotard see Leotards Page 1
Character Skirt 2.jpg (13444 bytes)
Character Skirt
Full circular
Any colour of fabric and ribbons
Up to 28" long 34.95
Over 28" long 39.95
Printed Georgette Dance Skirt
Black smoke or Ethereal blue
Women's (7051) one size 23.95
Girls' (7052) one size 16.50

For more skirts see Ballet Skirts, and for more Ballet Uniform clothing see Ballet Leotards Uniform


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